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Rebecca Jackson
28 November 2009 @ 10:21 pm
coming up in three....two....one.

I'm going to x-post a photo-post of my bedroom over at iheartmyroom I'm almost entirely sure you guys will enjoy the fruits of my bedroom :)
Rebecca Jackson
13 November 2009 @ 06:32 pm

It's been awhile.
Rebecca Jackson
26 October 2009 @ 08:53 pm

Due to the fact that I have to paint a whole project tonight for my design class (waiting until the last minute ftw), here's a video of me bothering my cat, Tulabell. Notice my lovely new dreadlocks & freshly cut bangs :)
Rebecca Jackson
18 October 2009 @ 10:50 pm

BUH, I am all kinds of mess tonight :(

I can already tell that Fall weather is in full effect down South. It's so chilly down here that I've been sleeping with my wool socks & a heating pad every night. Not to mention, a mountain of heavy blankets that seem to squish my poor little body. Tulabell, my cat, seems to squeeze her way into my bed as well & sleeps with me. Nothing wrong with that, she's the best cuddle buddy around :)

I sketched a new dress drawing last night at Barnes & Noble. I always seem to construct something with an empire waist & a low neck line to show off the bust. This time I decided to move in another direction. It's a loosely fitted dress that goes off the shoulders. As you progress downward the top material stops & the bottom material flows to the bottom (much like the bottom of a triangle). Yes, I know it must seem like I'm speaking gibberish but when I'm finished with my sketch, & I post it, you'll seem to understand what I'm talking about.

In other crafty news, I started making bracelets again! This one you see here (above) is made out of Hemp. I told a friend of mine that I would make him one & it's obvious that I am. It's taking longer then expected though due to the fact that I seem to be getting caught up with everything lately. Not to fear though, I am almost finished. I just hope I don't make it too small, that would be tragic :( Once I finish this one I will post a photo of the final result (before I give it to him) & if you guys like it I'll make more with other fun designs & colors & put them in my shop! Fair enough? Yeah, I thought so too.

Rebecca Jackson
16 October 2009 @ 04:55 pm

My pikachu pants sketch.

Okay, so I lied. I did say that I would post .jpg but I love .png better. If you cannot see this for whatever reason then please feel free to tell me at Rebeccajackson91@gmail.com. I think sewing this was a lot easier then I thought. Although, I do have to adjust a few bells and whistles & I’m almost positive that everything will be set!

For the record, I didn’t apply any zippers just velcro. Also, there are no pockets in the back & they are not form fitting. I am debating on fixing that or not. Just a pinch tighter but not skin tight because then the whole world would see what’s going on underneath (if you know what I mean). Also, on the back, there is a strip of velcro over the butt of the pants to apply & remove the tail.

Here's the tail.

As for the ears, they are made of a flexible material that I found at Michaels. I painted them yellow, with cheap paint, let them dry, then applied the black tips. After that, I used garden wire to tie them onto a cheap, hard, black, plastic, headband. Then to keep them in place, I used super glue.

The ears were easy but the pants weren’t “beginner friendly.”

Rebecca Jackson
14 October 2009 @ 06:24 pm

I usually start these things but rarely finish them so I assume I’ll actually pick up on something like this & actually put forth my best effort to keep up with it as much as possible.